100% Rye

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Baker Dan Corbett was working as a brick-layer when he was struck with an idea.

This bread is dense. Take organic, 100% whole rye flour from Speerville, a cup of water, a bit of salt, a scoop of Dinah at her frothiest, blend, wait a few hours, then bake. The outcome, a brick-like slab of rye, bursting with flavour, thin-sliced, ready and waiting for that 6″ pile of pastrami and 5 or six massive pickles stacked on top –perfect with a shot of whiskey on the side. This is the old-world flavour you didn’t even know you were missing.

Live a little. Live a lot. Dinah will not disappoint.

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Delivered by Bicycle, Pickup at Dinah's Sourdough Bakery, Pickup at the Grainery, Pickup at the HSC


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