bakery & espresso bar

Stop by for a quick coffee, a slice of toast, or something wonderful and sugary. Good vibes guaranteed.

dinah’s eats

Toast on your choice of bread

one slice, two

Nina Simone

Crunchy Naturally Nutty Peanut Butter, Banana, Ash Hill Honey, Sea Salt

3.50, 5.00

Mary-Lou Williams

Avocado, In-House Spicy Fermented Kimchi, Korinthia Olive Oil

4.00, 5.50

Art Tatum

Scrambled Farm Fresh Egg, Feta Cheese & Curry Spices

3.75, 5.25

Hazel Scott

Meadowbrook Farms Smoked Beef, Dubliner Cheddar, In-House Fermented Pickle

4.00, 5.50

Oscar Peterson

Tomato, Roma Fresh Mozarrella, In-House Basil Pesto, Balsamic Vinegar, Korinthia Olive Oil

3.75, 6.00

Duke Ellington

Meadowbrook Farms Smoked Salami, Kevlograviera Cheese, Burdock Hill Mustard

4.50, 6.50

Shirley Horn

Roasted Taproot Beets, Ran-Cher Acres Goat Cheese, In-House Black Olive Tapenade, Greens of Haligonia Lentil Sprouts

5.00, 7.00

Count Basie

Choose from: butter, olive oil, cream cheese, peanut/almond butter, jam

2.00, 2.50

Open Hours

Tuesday to Friday
7am to 5pm

8am to 4pm

10am to 4pm