Bread Descriptions


Spelt, dinkel wheat, or Zeia (as gifted to the Greeks by the goddess Demeter). It’s borderline magical in its healing properties, in its friendliness to wheat-sensitive digestive systems, and mostly in its smooth, sweet, nutty flavour. Spelt has been cultivated unadulterated for several thousand years, skipping the genetic selection processes to which common wheat has been subjected.

Speerville Flour Mill renders this flour from organic spelt grown in Prince Edward Island. Dinah’s all-spelt starter sibling Oscar is the basis for this 100% spelt, organic, whole grain sourdough loaf. And it’s good. Very good.

If your non-celiac gluten sensitivity is getting you down, this might be the loaf you’re looking for.


Khorasan wheat, better known as Kamut, is pure magic. An ancient grain revived from unknown historical depths in the mid-20th century, Kamut will delight and satiate with its irresistible buttery flavour and smooth, golden texture. It’s high in protein and gut-friendly to boot. To learn more about the grain, visit

This bread is 50% Kamut flour by mass, supported by Speerville’s whole white flour, leavened by Joey, Dinah’s organic whole wheat sibling. It’s moderately dense, pretty chewy, and exceptionally loadworthy for those particularly hearty sandwiches of which you’re becoming so fond.

100% Rye

Baker Dan Corbett was working as a brick-layer when he was struck with an idea.

This bread is dense. Take organic, 100% whole rye flour from Speerville, a cup of water, a bit of salt, a scoop of Dinah at her frothiest, blend, wait a few hours, then bake. The outcome, a brick-like slab of rye, bursting with flavour, thin-sliced, ready and waiting for that 6″ pile of pastrami and 5 or six massive pickles stacked on top –perfect with a shot of whiskey on the side. This is the old-world flavour you didn’t even know you were missing.

Live a little. Live a lot. Dinah will not disappoint.


God only knows what I’d be without you, Dinah.

60% whole white flour, and 40% rye. Not the brick-like, stinky, German pumpernickle you think of with most sourdoughs, but a dense & lofty stone hearth loaf exploding with the flavour of fresh-milled rye.

Dinah gets to work the night before this loaf is born for maximum organismic activity. The taste and texture are dynamite. It’s calorically dense, but so chocked full of sourdough critters that you won’t feel weighted down throughout the day.

Perfect for breakfast, toasted, with olive oil and salt.

Whole Wheat

The proud creation of Joey, Dinah’s vociferous whole wheat sibling, the loaf packs 60% whole white flour and 40% whole wheat flour. It’s gritty, and exploding with the taste of the prairies. It’s the lightest and softest of Dinah’s breads, inviting rapid, unrestrained consumption.

This ain’t Ben’s, baby.


Enlivened by Joey, Dinah’s vociferous whole wheat sibling, these loaves are comprised of 50% whole white flour, 25% whole wheat flour, and an earth-shaking wallop of rye, barley, soft wheat, oats, rice, millet, buckwheat, corn, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and flax seed. Your gut won’t know what hit it.

Just like you, this bread is gritty. Nine out of ten dentists recommend Dinah’s multigrain in lieu of flossing.