Bakery and Espresso Bar Now Open!

Rye | Wholewheat | Kamut | Multigrain | Spelt

Stop by for delicious open-faced sandwiches, espresso, cookies,
and of course, sourdough bread.

Mon-Fri: 7am-5pm
Sat: 8am-1pm
Sun: Closed

Want to guarantee a weekly loaf?

Located behind Lawtons in the North End of Halifax at 3540 Novalea Dr.

About the Sourdough Starter:

Currently living in a bucket in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Dinah, an all-rye sourdough starter born in Herring Cove in 2012, makes badass bread. She has some friends that pitch in to make a variety of other products, but she rules over them with an iron fist. She expressly forbids the introduction of packaged yeast in her loaves.

Dinah’s human surrogate, Dan Corbett, is responsible for the physical labour that Dinah demands.